Friday, April 22, 2011


As the Managing Photo Editor for MTV's -- a 'short-lived' music distribution service from 2005 - 2007, I played a key role in creating the visual identity of the site. Through the start-up stage and on a daily basis thereafter, I supported the design, marketing and promotional teams with image research and on occasion, creative direction. URGE didn't last very long because of bad business decisions, however our photo and design teams made a lasting mark in the short time we were up and running. Our creative influence was evident in the initial design and layout of Microsoft's ZUNE(a complete copy of URGE) and the layout changes of Apple's iTunes during that time. All of the photography on the site was researched, edited and/or produced by myself and my staff. It was a great experience working for Viacom and I'm proud of my professional accomplishments while at URGE. 

Here's a few samples of my work...'s landing pages. Due to budget issues and editorial rights concerns, I wasn't able to use any photos with faces shown, but still had to express youth and excitement. The music artist images were press handouts.  

Samples of's home pages through Windows Media Player, from the company's 2006 BETA period.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Delish Dishes

Scott's beef minestrone soup -- Montclair, New Jersey
Salmon tartar at Le Parisien -- New York City
Atlantic salmon, warm spinach and lentil salad, bacon vinaigrette at Le Parisien -- New York City

Raddicio salad at Le Parisien -- New York City
Scott's strawberry shortcake -- Montclair, New Jersey