Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer's Coming to an End

I took my daughter to see my favorite band Incubus, this past weekend. This was her first time seeing them live and thankfully, she enjoyed the show. She actually picked up two songs, "Punch Drunk" and "In the Company of Wolves", that she's been playing on her Mac since. Young the Giant, another new southern California band, opened and were very good.

In support of their first new album in 5 years, "If Not Now, When?", Brandon and the guys put on an amazing performance. The visuals were intense and the songs from the new album were enlightening. My friend Nicole and I were a little disappointed they didn't perform "Stellar", but overall it was a great experience. A perfect end to a great Summer in New York. Can't wait to see them again already! Here's a few pictures I snapped with my Powershot from about 100 rows back.