Monday, May 30, 2011

Gaga Kicks Off The Summer Concert Season

New York's own, Lady Gaga, got the city's Summer concert season under way with an explosive performance in Central Park, kicking off ABC's "GMA Summer Concert Series" on Friday May 27, 2011. All her little monsters were there before 7AM, bright and early, to help cheer her on and make things extra "interesting". Gaga made a surprise entrance gliding over the crowd on a high-wire while opening with her mega hit, "Bad Romance". I was in attendance and captured the following images for my clients, and


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ARCHIVES: The World Class Cheater

My how things have changed. Here's a shot I snapped of Arnold Schwarzenegger(L) at a New York City Planet Hollywood event in 2005. He was there with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard(R) and actor Sylvester Stallone. I was on assignment for People Magazine. Most of my shots from the night were of Stallone but, I did get a few of Schwarzenegger in the 15 minutes he blessed the event with his presence. That's how he made the media feel at least. It's hard to believe that a celebrity of this magnitude and adored by so many, could screw up so badly. I'm refering to his recent paternity scandal, of course. By the look on Sugar Ray's face, it's as if he could see this coming.

Steppin on a ROTACH

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Canyon

This is my chair, designed by Bensen, a small Vancouver based group that began their operations back in 1981. Started by Niels Bendtsen, they design and oversee the production of an extensive line of furnishings. Their pieces are generally simple, with sleek lines and have the look and feel of hand craftsmanship.

This particular chair, the Canyon, was purchased at ABC in Manhattan about 10 years ago. I recently had it reupholstered  by Elisa Irvolino, but only because it faded a bit and I wanted a new color. After a decade of wear and tear, it's still holding up well. Viva La Bensen!!